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Law Firms Must Nurture and Support the Next Generation of Lawyers

Opinion by Hy Pomerance, Vinson & Elkins, for Bloomberg Law

As flocks of new lawyers entered the legal profession over the past three years, many law firms have faced challenges in training, retaining, engaging, and developing this new generation. The lessons that firms take from these challenges—and the solutions they develop in response—will have a lasting impact on the industry.

Today’s incoming associates often embrace a consumer mindset, and come prepared with a checklist of specifications they expect from their employers.

Young lawyers want to work for a firm where lawyers and business professionals represent a diverse set of political and social viewpoints. They look for a firm that embraces a culture of respect and inclusion, and that cares about quality of life. They’re thinking more about benefits — like generous parental leave, wellness plans, and mental health days.

Law firms are increasingly under a microscope. Preparing for the next generation of attorneys will require them to evolve, and there are practical steps that firm leaders can take as they work toward that end.