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AccessLex New Student PSLF Loan Calculator

Check out the newly improved (and free!) AccessLex Student Loan calculator developed for law students and recent graduates.

The calculator’s newest features make it more efficient and effective than ever:

  • The loan consolidation and refinancing tool educates users on the costs, benefits, and drawbacks of private refinancing and federal consolidation loans.
  • The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) calculator projects how much may be forgiven under PSLF for users who are interested in this loan forgiveness option.
  • The changing repayment plan feature helps borrowers in repayment analyze the financial impact of changing their repayment plan, both in monthly payment and total amount paid.
  • And more — including educational content throughout to help users make more informed decisions about their finances.

In addition to the calculator, BC Law students can sign up for free individual loan, financing and PSLF counseling sessions through AccessLex.