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BBA & MA Appleseed: Supporting the Safety and Well-Being of Girls of Color in Schools

November 8, 2022, 2-3:30 PM, Zoom, Register here

MA Appleseed’s recent community-led report explores how racialized and gendered stereotyping, disconnection with teachers and curriculum, and a void of mental health supports create unique barriers and hostile school environments where girls of color are targeted for unjust discipline. Click the link here to access the recorded presentation of the report. To access the report, click here

When girls of color are pushed from their classrooms due to discriminatory and exclusionary treatment, their education is interrupted, their rights are undermined, and they can experience lasting harm. In addition to feeling pressure to take up less space and silence themselves, girls lose valuable class time and become more likely to fall into the criminal justice system.

In this presentation, MA Appleseed staff will provide an overview of how this crisis is impacting girls across the Commonwealth and offer immediate and long-term advocacy solutions to stop the criminalization of students. Join MA Appleseed to learn more about what we can do to eradicate the racial and gender-based disparities fueling the school-to-prison pipeline.