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Justice Catalyst Fellowship – 1st Due Date Extended to October 24th

Justice Catalyst administers one-year, potentially renewable, project-based fellowships for graduating law students, or graduates up to two years out of law school, to support innovative public interest work at non-profit organizations.

Justice Catalyst activates path-breaking approaches to social justice lawyering and affirmative litigation that have real-world impact and improve the lives of low-wage workers, the poor, and the marginalized. Towards this end, Justice Catalyst launches and supports early-stage projects with existing public interest organizations or public agencies that employ or wish to adopt innovative approaches or legal strategies to address social problems, and seeds new organizations aiming at transformative change. Click here for more information.

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STAGE1. Resume & Prospectus2. Full Application3. Interview4. Final Decisions5. Renewal
DUE DATENow accepting until Oct 24*Dec. 1RollingFebruary 15TBD.
NOTESProspectuses will be reviewed in monthly batchesRequiredSelectiveFellows may apply to renew a for a second year.

*Optional, but highly recommended.