Judicial Clerkships & Internships

Applying for 2023 Clerkships?

Some reminders for rising 3Ls

As June 13th (the Federal Law Clerk Hiring Plan kick-off date) approaches, here are a few reminders for those of you preparing to apply:

  • As a reminder, the Career Services Office is responsible for processing all letters of recommendation from faculty members. Please review these instructions on how to have the CSO submit your letters of recommendation.
  • The password for the Vermont Guide to State Clerkships has changed. The new password information, along with a link to the Vermont Guide, can be found in our Clerkship Guide (p. 8).
  • If you receive an interview for a clerkship, please let Chris Teague and your recommenders know and review our resource on Interviewing for a Post-Graduate Clerkship.
  • Please do not hesitate to reach out to Chris Teague ( if you have any questions about your application materials or the clerkship process generally. Good luck!