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Access to Justice News from the A2J

Stay informed of access to justice news and initiatives! Please read the below updates from the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission (A2J) and check out their site for upcoming meetings and information.

Restoring the Department of Justice’s Access-to-Justice Function

On May 18, 2021 President Biden signed a Presidential Memorandum on restoring the Department of Justice’s access to justice function and reinvigorating the White House Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable. You can read the Department of Justice’s press release and Attorney General Garland’s memorandum outlining next steps.

National Center for State Courts Tiny Chat: Robyn’s Experience

The National Center for State Court produces “Tiny Chats,” which explore a broad range of access to justice issues. The recent Tiny Chat Robyn’s Experience is a conversation with a self-represented litigant named Robyn about “what it was like for her to try and get divorced from her abusive spouse, how it felt asking for a fee waiver, and what she wishes courts understood about what it is like for someone to try and use the system on their own.” 

National Center for Access to Justice: 2021 Justice Index

Published by the National Center for Access to Justice, the 2021 Justice Index, a data-intensive resource that ranks the states on their adoption of selected best policies for ensuring access to justice, ranked Massachusetts third overall behind Maryland and Washington D.C., and first in the Northeast. You can dig into the details here.

It’s Time: Centering Anti-Racism in Civil Legal Aid – Successes, Challenges and Next Steps – Save the Date!

Save the date! The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation is hosting “It’s Time: Centering Anti-Racism in Civil Legal Aid – Successes, Challenges and Next Steps” from July 20-22. Stay tuned for more information.