Pro Bono

Project Citizenship Pro Bono – Spring & Summer Opportunities

Join Project Citizenship to help complete N-400 Applications for Naturalization with eligible legal permanent residents!

Project Citizenship is a non-profit legal services organization that helps eligible legal permanent residents apply for U.S. citizenship. Their mission is to decrease barriers to citizenship and increase the naturalization rate in Massachusetts. Learn more about Project Citizenship here

New volunteers have access to a one-hour, pre-recorded training on citizenship eligibility and completing the N-400. Law students can sign up to volunteer at virtual citizenship workshops in the application assistance role, meeting with a pre-screened client to complete their N-400. Workshops are held about once a week and require a two-hour commitment. Sign up for as few or as many workshops as you’d like here!

Learn about citizenship, improve interviewing skills, and gain experience completing N-400 with Project Citizenship!