Judicial Clerkships & Internships

Upcoming Deadlines for 2021 Clerkship Positions

A summary of post-graduate clerkship opportunities with upcoming deadlines.

  • US Bankruptcy Court, W.D. Pa. (Pittsburgh, PA)
    Hon. Carlota Bohm
    OSCAR: Apply by 11/30/2020
  • US District Court, S.D.N.Y. (New York, NY)
    Hon. Vernon Broderick
    OSCAR: Apply by 12/3/2020
  • US District Court, C.D. Ill. (holding special sessions in Davenport, IA)
    Hon. Sara Darrow
    OSCAR: Apply by 12/1/2020
  • US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit (Phoenix, AZ)
    Hon. Mary Schroeder
    OSCAR: Apply by 12/1/2020