Judicial Clerkships & Internships

Alumni Clerkship Spotlight: Meredith Fierro, (JD ‘16) Insights on her clerkship with Judge Sookyoung Shin of the Massachusetts Appeals Court

Why did you decide to apply for a clerkship?

I decided that I wanted to clerk — and specifically at the Appeals Court — after I took Appellate Advocacy with Rosemary Daly in the spring of 2L.  Over the summer, I flip flopped on whether to apply because I was hesitant to commit myself a year in advance and because I didn’t think that I wanted a career in litigation.  I came to regret that decision when I discovered a new passion while participating in BC’s Attorney General Clinical Program.  Because of the high turnover on the court happening at the time, I belatedly expressed my interest in clerking in case there were any open spots.   I got lucky, but the moral of the story is to follow your gut.

What was your favorite part of clerking?

Just generally the opportunity to work for and get to know my judge.  I admire her so much and realize that any positive feedback I’ve gotten as a new associate is directly attributable to what she taught me.

What did you learn from clerking that you did not expect?

I learned a lot about how judges will analyze a case, which has proved invaluable.  I also learned what works and what does not work at oral argument from watching the attorneys and then talking with my judge about it afterwards.  

What advice do you have for students considering applying for a clerkship?

Make sure your writing sample is as strong as possible.  I was surprised at how closely some of the judges review them.